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Nov. 30/2014 – Love VS. Fear

I haven’t posted in three days. I’ve been doing reasonably well. I have been sleeping better for the most part, although I am still struggling with the tremors and the anxiety. Some days are better than others. I am waiting for the delivery of the marijuana prescription and mucona pruriens. Anita researched licorice and found that it is helpful for supporting the adrenals and the whole endocrinal system. This could help the anxiety. I will check it out with Chakib. I also learned about a new website from Karen Lantela called The Lyme Whisperer –   I could be reading about my own journey.

Painting has been bringing me joy and pleasure. I love working with color. Over the next few days I will post some of my paintings. Some are inspired by angel cards and others are of photos that have moved me. I have also been experimenting with new media and techniques, pastels and gelli plates.

pastelpastel drawing

There has been a real synchronicity when drawing angel cards. For example today I was concerned about my finances and I drew the card of abundance. I have been praying for healing and drew the card of healing. When this happens I feel that the Divine is listening. The book Emmanuel continues to teach me. Here is what he has to say about fear:


Is one of the major cornerstones?

Of the karmic condition.

It speaks

To the distrust of eternal love.

It is disbelief

In yourself.

It is an extreme perversion

Of truth and light

And love,

Which is precisely what your world

Is all about-

The healing

Of extreme distortions

Of truth and light

And love.

Fear is fungus

That grows rapidly in the dark places

Of consciousness.

It is the most powerful of doors

That closes off the Word

And the light of God.


Is the dragon at the gate.

It is denial of Light

And the denial of Light

Is resistance to God.

It is the falsehood that separates you

From God.

What are we really afraid of?

You fear humiliation.

You fear to be wrong.

You fear

That if your knowing

Is brought into your human experience

It will dissolve.

You fear to trust truth.

You fear to love in an imperfect world.



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