The last two weeks have been especially challenging. I came down with a bad cold and I am still recovering from it. It started in my chest and worked itself up to my head and it is still lingering. I had to postpone my appointment with the neurologist. I also have been trying to wean off the Sinamet by replacing it with a natural form of leva-dopa. The result was that I had too much leva- dopa in my system which gave me dyskinesia and put a lot of stress on my body, making me very anxious. On a more positive note I went to pick up my paintings from the framer and am thrilled with how they look. They are already hanging in the dining and living rooms. I do hope some of you will be able to come to the show. In addition to the gift cards I have been making matching boxes made out of the ‘gelli’ prints. My girlfriend, Bonnie, taught me how to make little treasure boxes to place some of the cards in. So there is something for everyone, bookmarks, cards, tags, and paintings in all sizes. Here are two of my most recent paintings and 3 cards.

. sun set with ibisNew Zealand waterscapegift cards



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