Progress Report


A few days ago I sat down to blog and I couldn’t think of anything to say. Today, however, I am full of words..

There are at least three things I want to write about.

Firstly, I’ve been feeling so much better. Some days, like yesterday, I felt almost completely normal. I’ve been experimenting with adjusting my meds. I’ve now reduced the Sinamet from five and a half pills a day to just one and a half, thanks to Mucana Puriens – a velvet bean that has been used for milenia in the East – India and China.

Last Friday I had my last Lyme treatment.   Now we are going after parasites. Apparently, I am going to be tested for 200 parasites.

Secondly, I’ve been exploring the region around Bethany. I’ve visited several quaint, small towns – Port Hope, Cobourg, Burleigh Falls (on the way to Bancroft) wheere I visited the Gallery on the Lake in Buckhorn. I was blown away by the architecture and the art, including paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolour, ceramics, blown glass, wood-turning, silk embroidery and jewellery. It was humbling and inspiring. I’m such a beginner!!!

Thirdly, I can feel the rebirth. I’m feeling well enough to the point that I think I might even be able to attend a retreat. I’ve been reading Byron Katie’s book “Loving What Is”, thanks to Mara Young who recommended her to me. She works with a method of inquiry using four questions. We are continually making up stories about ourselves and others. Katie encourages us to examine our beliefs. She is not telling me anything I didn’t already know. She has just boiled things down to four questions:

  1. Is this story you’re telling the Truth
  2. Can I be certain that it is true?
  3. How do I react when I believe that the story is true?
  4. who would I be without this thinking/story?
  5. The Turn around – This is about owning our projections. Sometimes turning statements 180 degrees. E.g. Jane should listen to me “ This could change to “I should listen to Jane” or “I should listen to myself.”

I’ve been experimenting with this process and I think it is helping me to shift to a happier, more loving frame of mind.

Thanks to all for your continued support and prayers.

Here’s a recent photo.
photo 2_2

Love Moira


2 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Donald Evans says:

    Dear Moira,

    What wonderful news! Your recovery is a miracle, but your own perseverance was needed, along with the practical support from family, close friends and healers. And you’re celebrating by appreciating places and ventures now possible again! Don Evans

  2. jusanlou says:

    Dear Moira,

    I was trying to contact you to wish a happy birthday and now I am so happy to know about your recovery. It is your birthday and I got this beautiful gift. After read almost all your posts I am feeling blessed for having you as part of my life, my existence. Thank you very much for all your teachings, sharing experiences and your beautiful and immense heart.
    May the universal love blessing surround you today and ever!

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