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In The Arms of Love

I’ve just returned from a ten day holiday in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. San Miguel is a small town in the ‘mountains’ about 4 hours by bus from Mexico City. By Canadian or South African standards, they are more like hills than mountains. The land is dry and scrubby with lots of cacti. I managed the trip on my own and stayed with my dear friend Deni who has rented a flat there for two months.

San Miguel is more of a gringo town. Wealthy retired couples from the U.S. and Canada winter down there. Many artists live there and there is always something interesting going on culturally. For example, Deni and I saw a documentary on Freda Kahlo. Her life story told through her paintings. It was moving and marvelous. In contrast, we attended the worst concert ever – a sax quartet that was out of time, out of tune and totally devoid of any musicality at all. Saw a flamenco dancer accompanied by a violinist. Shear poetry! Another highlight was a visit to La Gruta Spa where we had mineral hot spring baths and a massage. Heaven!

In the centre of town there is a large Jardine – a square where the town’s folk gather to socialize and listen to mariachi bands playing. There are beautiful homes and gardens in San Miguel but we were unable to see them because they are walled in. The cobbled streets are lined with stone walls which made me feel a bit hemmed in. The place has many restaurants and the food was delicious. We also visited Pena de Bernal, an old town that has one of three monoliths in the world – a solid rock that juts out of the earth like a mountain.

There are lots of churches. In one of them there was a statue of Mary. A mexican woman called me over and told me to place my thumbs in her palms and look into her eyes. They looked real, filled with tears of love and compassion. Now, whenever I recall her eyes, my heart opens.

By far the most magical part of the trip was my journey home. My flight got cancelled due to bad weather. We were told that we had to pick up our bags and go to AC check-in and rebook our flights home. I got lost trying. I went up to a woman in uniform and burst into tears and told her I was lost. She took me by the hand and delivered me to where I needed to be. Angel #1,

After waiting for five hours in a queue, I finally got rerouted through Cancun on a flight that left Mexico City at 6 a.m. This meant waking up at 2:00 a.m. to check in at 3 a.m

I had lost my purse, 1,500 pesos and my visa credit card the day before. A.C. policy is to not cover hotels if the flight cancellation is not their fault. I didn’t know how I was going to pay for my hotel and feed myself, but I trusted that things would work out. I explained my situation and they agreed to help me out and put me up in a hotel.
I didn’t know how I was going to pay for my meals. However, a young Dutch woman with whom I’d been chatting in the line-up offered to lend me 1000 pesos – angel #2. After standing in line for 5 hours, I began to show symptoms and a woman whose father had Parkinson’s approached me and asked if she could help in any way. She gave me her cell number and said I should call if I needed anything as she would be in Mexico City till midnight the following day – angel #3. She and everyone I contacted were so kind! I truly felt held in the arms of Love. It was a profound teaching about Love and Faith.

Blessings to all


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